FCPS Resources

About the FCPS Parent Resource Center (PRC)

The Parent Resource Center of the Fairfax County Public Schools promotes parent awareness of the services provided by the Fairfax County Public Schools for children with learning challenges, special needs, and disabilities and their families. The Center encourages parent participation in the educational decision-making process and provides seminars, training programs, and information to foster the parent/professional partnership.

Valuable links to PRC Resources:

Workshops– The PRC offers FREE workshops on a wide variety of topics throughout the school year!
Educators – The PRC offers resources for educators as well as parents.
Lending Library   – Over 4,000 books, DVDs and CDs help support your children and your family.
FAQ  – Turn here for answers to commonly asked questions

Find an Advocate

For parents with questions or concerns, or who are wondering if they need an advocate, the FCPS Parent Resource Center recommends speaking with their especially trained staff first. Consultations are free and confidential. Schedule a consultation by calling 703-204-3941. PRC staff are able to resolve many concerns for parents and save them from the expense of an advocate.

For parents who have decided they want to hire an advocate, Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) has a list of advocates in the area. PEATC can be reached at 703-923-0010 and their website is http://www.peatc.org/.