How is the money being used?

What’s This About the Friends of Floris Fundraiser?

Friends of Floris is a single, straight-donation fundraiser, operated solely by the PTA. We’re not going to come asking for money later in the year, we’re not going to send you knocking on doors to sell wrapping paper and we’re definitely not about to pay huge operational costs to a professional fundraising company. 100% of the funds we raise (minus a Paypal transaction fee in some cases), go directly to the benefit of your children.

How Much Are You Asking For and What Are the Benefits?

$80 per student or $150 for families with 2 or more. If these numbers are unworkable for whatever reason, please consider donating an amount that makes sense for your family and your help will be greatly appreciated.

Benefits include two free memberships to the PTA, free access to the student directory (which you’ll need for group projects, birthday parties and playdates), pizza parties and/or teacher incentives for classes with high participation.

Where Does the Money Go?

We pay a lot of property tax in Fairfax County, and as a result, many parents think that the county provides funding for all of the “extras” that Floris students enjoy. But this is not the case! Don’t even get me started on the FCPS budget shortfall projections (another great reason to join the PTA – advocacy)!

Friends of Floris contributions are how the PTA accomplishes its work. I’m working on the PTA budget right now, but highlights include:

School assemblies and grade-specific enrichment (Martha Washington coming to visit your child’s classroom after a unit on American History, for example).

Teacher startup funds – providing all those things which county funding just doesn’t reach.

The list goes on and on – faculty training, the Fall Ball, the Ice Cream Social, Chess Tournaments, the PTA Reflections program, staff appreciation, and all the little touches that a PTA can provide to make an already superb school that much better.

We need your help to fully fund the PTA so that we can continue to provide amazing enrichment opportunities for your children.


Notice that we’re a 501(c)(3), and as such, a large portion of your donations are tax-deductible!   

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