2019 – 2020 Executive Board Members



Email Address

President Zaya Bowen florispta.pres@gmail.com
VP of Community Affairs Fatima Akhtar florispta.vpcomm@gmail.com
VP of School Affairs Soumya Mohanty florispta.vpschool@gmail.com
Second Vice-President – Community Affairs Vamshi Chilukamarri florispta.2vpcomm@gmail.com
Vice-President – Social Engagement florispta.sso@gmail.com
Recording Secretary Jay Wainwright florispta.recsec@gmail.com
Treasurer Haresh Bhatia florispta.treasurer@gmail.com
Financial Secretary Arpita Mathur florispta.finsec@gmail.com
Communications Chair Sarah Tisinger florispta.commsec@gmail.com


Committee Chairs

If you are interested in helping out as a committee chair or co-chair, please sign up here or contact the PTA President at florispta.pres@gmail.com.  Additionally, please contact the PTA President if you wish to propose a program/event for the PTA to offer to our students.