New to Floris

Welcome to the Floris Community!

At some point we’ve all been new to Floris, whether as a parent of a kindergarten student or by moving in to the area.   Below we’ve detailed some information that might make your transition to Floris an easy one for you and your child.

Floris Bell Schedule

Monday – Friday    9:00 am – 4:00 pm

NOTE: Students may not arrive before 9:00 am unless participating in an organized before school activity.  You may not drop any child off at the front door if he/she is late to school.  Also, no students may be signed out early within 15 minutes of dismissal.

Reporting School Absences

Report student absences online ( or by calling 703-561-2929.  This must be done for each day missed, but may be done one day in advance.

Floris Dismissal Note

If your child is going home with another child, there is a required form that BOTH children’s parents must complete and send with their child on the date it applies.   You can find the form on the Floris Elementary Website (

Kiss ‘N Ride Rules

•    When in line, never get out of your car or park your car to greet your child – it’s not safe!
•   Do NOT use Kiss N’ Ride if your child needs help fastening his/her seat belt.
•   Please be patient and stay in line – do NOT pass other cars.  This is crucial for the safety of all students.
•   Pull forward to where the safety patrols are receiving/dismissing students.
•   When leaving the Floris parking lot, turn RIGHT only.
•   If no Floris staff is on duty, you must drive to the front of the building and escort your child into the office.

Bus Safety

When buses are lined up at the front of the school for drop-off or dismissal, it is AGAINST THE LAW to pass behind them.  If you are volunteering and need to leave close to dismissal,  remember to park in either of the side parking lots, not in the front of the school where buses park.  If you are parked in the front and buses are already lined up for dismissal, you will have to wait until all buses have departed.

Tuesday Packets

Every Tuesday, a special packet will come home with your child with schoolwork, important flyers and other information.  Check the PTA website on this same day to see our “Virtual Tuesday Packet” post with that day’s PTA flyers/notices as well.

Student Medication

If your child requires medication (e.g. Epi-pens), contact our health room aide or go online for authorization forms.  Parents (not students) must bring medication in to the aide with the forms.

Keep In Touch Notifications (KITs)

Signing up for FCPS’s “Keep In Touch” ( is an important means to stay informed.  FCPS central offices and Floris use this service to communicate emergency, delayed opening and school closing information, attendance, and outreach messages (including news and announcements from Floris).


We love volunteers. Opportunities occur throughout the year. You can learn more by visiting our Volunteer Opportunity page.

Join the PTA

We’d love for you to join us as members.  Why you ask?

•   To find out what’s happening. The PTA knows what’s happening with the school and usually plans many of the events.
•   To use your skills. You can share what you’re good at doing to help your child and all the other children in the school.
•   To meet other parents. You can learn so much from other PTA members and potentially even make new friends. This is your chance to share ideas, concerns and experiences – a chance you might not have otherwise.
•   To speak up. PTA has a platform you can use to suggest change at your child’s school.
•   To witness improvement. When you get involved, you can help make positive changes to the building, to the programs and to social events.
•   To show your child you care. By becoming a PTA member, you’re also becoming a role model and demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education.  There is power in numbers, so joining PTA gives you a powerful voice for the children.
•   To support your child and others. PTA is the largest child advocacy association in the United States.
•   To be part of a working mechanism.

To join the PTA, all you need to do is complete our registration process and purchase a membership using this form.