Spring Enrichment Matters 2022

Spring Enrichment Matters 2022

A relatively large amount of the PTA’s budget each year is spent on providing enrichment programs to all children at Floris.  The PTA does this through two different programs.  Cultural Arts programs are school-wide assemblies.  Grade-level Enrichment (GLE) programs are those presenters or activities that are brought into Floris which directly enhance a grade-level curriculum area.   Each grade receives at least one GLE program per year.  The GLE Committee works with the teachers in each grade to determine appropriate programs.  GLE Programs often involve hands-on, interactive small group activities.

We are excited to share that Spring Enrichment Matters Session 2022 is moving towards a hybrid model. We will provide classes in-person and virtually. The classes will be on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from February 23 to April 29. We are thankful for your consideration of doing this and please share with others that may be interested.

If you would like to help with these rewarding programs that benefit all Floris students, please contact Floris PTA President.

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