Welcome Back, Floris Family!!!

The PTA is ready to start the 2019-2020 School Year!  We have student, family and community fun and engagement planned!  We hope that you will be a part!


Although parent involvement and parent engagement are sometimes used synonymously, there are some important differences–parents can be involved in their child’s education without being actively engaged.

• Being involved means that you
are there, which in itself is
important to a child’s
development and overall
academic success.

• Being engaged means that
you are aware of what is going
on and are a fundamental part
of the process, which is crucial
to a child’s development and
academic success.

Floris Elementary School PTA wants parents and other key family members to be actively engaged in their child’s education both at home and at school.

Please join us for our monthly PTA Meetings, date
for the 2019-20 SY:

September 17th*
October 16th
November 13th*
December – No Meeting*
January 15th
February 19th
March 18th
April – No Meeting*
May 20th

PTA will meet the third Wednesday of the month
(except where indicated by an *) at 6pm in the

Stay tuned for things to come!