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We are back !!! Boy what 2 months have we seen and been part of.

Kudos to our kids for the adaptability and flexibility they have shown. Nothing less than being their own heroes giving up on playdates, school, activities and adapting to the new normal.
As the end of the month swings around, many of you are preparing for the long Weekend just more Netflixing, cooking & cleaning.

Teachers Appreciation Week was last week! The Room Parents in collaboration with the PTA ensured everyone was appreciated. Thank you to everyone for your support!

Please note that there will be a virtual General Body Meeting held towards the end of this month in the last week of May. We will be electing new board members. Your vote matters & counts, and we encourage you to please join us. We will send out virtual meeting information at a later date.

The PTA is also looking for volunteers, please contact us or visit to find out ways to volunteer – you can take on a chair position or join the board. On the board, we are looking to fill Financial Secretary and VP Fundraising. Please consider joining.

Thanks to all volunteer, board members and school staff. We appreciate you and are grateful.

For May 27th General Body Meeting @ 6:30 PM EST ( Please be on watch for the Link Next Week) . Looking forward to see familiar faces and hear familiar voices

Please stay safe and stay well.



The Floris Spirit Wear Store is Open for Business! The store is open from Today until October 6th at 11:59pm (MDT) Order today at:


Welcome Back, Floris Family!!!

The PTA is ready to start the 2019-2020 School Year!  We have student, family and community fun and engagement planned!  We hope that you will be a part! PARENT ENGAGEMENT = SCHOOL SUCCESS Although parent involvement and parent engagement are sometimes used synonymously, there are some important differences–parents can be involved in their child’s education …

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