2024 – 2025 Executive Board Members

Email Address
President Katie Sullivan florispta.pres@gmail.com
Acting VP of Community Affairs Danny Thach-Song florispta.vpcomm@gmail.com
VP of School Affairs Michael Stabler florispta.vpschool@gmail.com
VP of Fundraising and Social Events Vannary Thach-Song florispta.sso@gmail.com
Recording Secretary Jessie Pierce florispta.recsec@gmail.com
Treasurer Scott Saldana florispta.treasurer@gmail.com
Financial Secretary Sharin Gab-Allah florispta.finsec@gmail.com
Acting Communications Secretary Stacy Nelson florispta.commsec@gmail.com


Program, Activity, and Committee Chairs


Chair Name
Email Address
Fundraising Chair Fatima Akhtar florispta.sso@gmail.com
Hospitality Chair Anisha Dharshi Reddy florispta.sso@gmail.com
Bingo & Movie Nights Divya Mehra
Mehnaz Tabassum
Pep Rally Kerin Hamel florispta.sso@gmail.com
Girls On The Run Coordinator Sharin Gab-Allah florispta.gotr2@gmail.com
MathCounts Michael Stabler/ Rupa Vass florispta.MathCounts@gmail.com
Odyssey of the Mind Michael Stabler/ Rupa Vass florispta.OotM@gmail.com
Reflections Michael Stabler/ Rupa Vass florispta.Reflections@gmail.com
Room Parent Coordinator Anisha Dharshi Reddy FlorisPTA.SSO@gmail.com
Science Olympiad (VASO) Michael Stabler/ Rupa Vass florispta.VASO@gmail.com
Science Fair Michael Stabler/ Rupa Vass florispta.fair@gmail.com
Scripps Spelling Bee Michael Stabler/ Rupa Vass florispta.SpellingBee@gmail.com
Food Share Program Coordinator Emily Waite florispta.pres@gmail.com
Spirit Ball Katie Sullivan
Jessie Pierce
Walk in My Shoes Sarah Dekramer shdekramer@fcps.edu
Assemblies Chair Kelly Jones florispta.pres@gmail.com
Spirit Wear Coordinator OPEN florispta.sso@gmail.com

If you are interested in helping out as a committee chair or co-chair, please email us at florispta.pres@gmail.com  Additionally, please contact us if you wish to propose a program/event for the PTA to offer to our students. 

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