PTA Forms

Reimbursement Form

For Committee Chairs, volunteers, school staff members, and others to request money from the PTA Treasurer.  Requests for money include the reimbursement of funds spent, payment for invoices and bills for goods or services, and start-up cash for events.  All Reimbursement Requests must be signed either by the Committee Chair or (for School Staff) by the Principal and submitted within 30 days of the event or expenditure.  Payments in the form of checks will be processed and mailed to the recipient indicated on the form as soon as possible.

We are moving to paperless process:

  1. Complete the reimbursement form
  2. Scan /attach receipts and
  3. email everything to the Committee Chair / Principal (so they can digitally sign it)
  4. They in-turn will email it to the PTA Financial Secretary and/or Treasurer.

If you have questions please reach out to the Financial Secretary.

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