Friends of Floris

Friends of Floris

Our Yearly PTA Fundraising Drive


Floris Elementary is an amazing school.  Students start the day  being greeted my the smiling faces of a supportive faculty and staff.   For some students their day begins with early learning new strategies in Chess Club, or developing self-esteem with Girls on the Run.  During the school day throughout the year, student receive grade-level and/or all school enrichment activities and assemblies; such as the  Maryland Science Center,  Curtis Blues, Big Truck Day, Martha Washington,  HistoryConnectsand much more.  At Floris after-school programs are diligently to build for a fun, creative and active roster of extra-curricular activities for the students to enjoy and to round out their school day.   These are just a few of the many ways your donated funds impact the school.

Your contributions to our Friends of Floris fundraiser make it all happen. All of those programs and events and many more come from your Floris PTA, funded by your donations.

What’s This About the Friends of Floris Fundraiser?

Friends of Floris is a single, straight-donation fundraiser, operated solely by the PTA.  We’re not going to come asking for money later in the year, we’re not going to send you knocking on doors to sell wrapping paper, candy bars, or cookie dough. No other group taking a cut of your contribution. 100% of the funds we raise (minus a PayPal transaction fee in some cases), go directly to the benefit of your children.

How Much Are You Asking For and What Are the Benefits?

$80 per student or $150 for families with 2 or more.  Benefits include two free memberships to the PTA and a front row seat to the exciting activities that happen all year long.    Any donation of $250 and above includes those items, and I’ll add a FREE 2019-2020 yearbook.  The class with the highest contributions wins a pizza party!  If these numbers are unworkable for whatever reason, please consider donating an amount that makes sense for your family and your help will be greatly appreciated.

You can support your child’s right to succeed, and prepare him or her for the jobs of the future. Thank you in advance for your support!

Please donate online by filling Friends Of Floris online form following prompts after that or print the form below. Your donation is tax deductible.


Friends of Floris Fundraiser – Thank YOU!!

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