Announcements – 6/21/2016

PTA EagleJune 21, 2016


Well, it’s official, the summer is upon us.

We have had an incredible school year, thanks to each of you. We offered a range of enrichment, team-building and social activities for our kids and their families. And dozens of you answered the call for Friends of Floris and our STEAM Lab Tile Fundraiser.

Thank you for your amazing participation. And thank you for being a pretty awesome group of parents to know.

Let’s do it again next year, ok?

Have a great summer folks. We’ll be in touch in the fall!

Janelle Brevard

Floris ES PTA Communications Secretary


STEAM Lab Setup


We need your help to setup the new STEAM Lab.

If you are available any day between Tuesday June 28 – Friday, July 1, please contact Jason Covey, our school technology guru.

Even a few hours will help – please consider volunteering your time!


Announcements from the PTA President – 6/14/2016

PTA EagleJune 14, 2016

Thoughts for the Week:

  1. PTA Membership Meeting! This is going to be a short one, folks — We need to do a quick budgetary vote in order to move $$ from one pot to another in order to purchase a 3D printer.  No new budgeting of $$, just a reclassification to allow the purchase.  8:30am on Tuesday, June 21st in the Little Theater.  It’s conceivable that Aparna might hook us all up with bagels if we ask nicely.

Also, I’m getting ready to sit down and work on next year’s budget.  If you have ideas or suggestions, I’m listening…

  1. If you have been considering buying something from Pampered Chef, now’s your chance! There is a fundraiser going on now through 6/15 and all proceeds will go towards the STEAM Lab. If you are interested, take a peek at this link:


And special thanks for Mary Carbaugh & Jess Peristere for hosting & organizing!

  1. Committee Chairs Needed! National Science Bowl & Science Olympiad Division A (the 3rd – 5th grade section).  Same deal as every year — guess what happens to the programs if we don’t have chairs!
  2. Volunteer Reception — This Thursday, June 16th, 9:30am until..  Please consider joining us and being recognized for your contributions to the school!  I don’t know that we’ll have an actual PTA meeting at the reception — I think we’ll be focused on the snacks.  But we’ll be there so if you have questions/ideas/etc, c’mon down.
  3. STEAM LAB! Jason Covey, our school technology guru, needs some helpers for the week of June 28th, from Tuesday through Friday, in order to get the STEAM lab set up.  This will involve painting, moving stuff around and possibly eating pizza.  If you’re available to help, please reach out to Jason at jhcovey@fcps.edu


Time to Honor Our Volunteers!


We want to take time to thank all the volunteers who helped to make the 2015-2016 school year a success.

Please join us on Thursday, June 16 at 9:30 a.m. for a Volunteer Appreciation Reception.

We appreciate you!


Announcements from the PTA President — 6/7/2016

soar with eaglesJune 7, 2016


  1. Committee Chairs Needed:  National Science Bowl, Science Olympiad Division A — In order to see these programs continued through the upcoming school year, we need some volunteers to step forward.  The sooner the better in order to ensure a smooth knowledge-transfer from previous chairs.
  1. Scheduling info for the Volunteer Reception and Field Day!  Here’s what you need to know:

Field Day (for K-3): June 14th, 945am – 1145am.

Volunteer Reception:  June 16th, 930am till the food runs out :)

  1. Volunteer Reception! Note the scheduling immediately above.  This reception is not limited to the long-timers or the frequent-volunteers.  If you’re a parent who’s helped in any capacity over the course of the school year, please feel welcome to attend this reception and be recognized for your contributions to the school.  Day-of-100-Dads participants?!?  I’m looking at YOU.
  2. Book Swap: The PTA annual Summer Book Swap will be held on June 9, 10, and 13. This event is for Kindergarten to 6th grade. We will visit classrooms on these days to allow students to swap books.

Be sure to bring in your gently used books to swap for summer reading books. Students can bring in 1-5 books. Each book they bring in gets them that many in swapped books.    Students can donate as many books as they want, but will only be allowed up to five books to take home.

Swapping Instructions:

  • Step 1 – Pick out books to swap
  • Step 2 – Fill out the book ticket on the attached flier (flyers will be available on the box at school also and sent home in Tuesday packets)
  • Step 3 – Put ticket and books in a tied plastic bag
  • Step 4 – Put tied plastic bag in the box at school

Look for the box at school to appear near the front office on Monday, May 23rd. The box will be available from May 24th to June 8th.

Please contact Pam Mika at beachmummy@gmail.com, if you have any questions.

Happy Swapping!

  1. STEAM Lab — Jason Covey, our school technology guru, needs some helpers for the week of June 28th, from Tuesday through Friday, in order to get the STEAM lab set up.  This will involve painting, moving stuff around and possibly eating pizza.  If you’re available to help, please reach out to Jason at jhcovey@fcps.edu
  2. Lost & Found — Spring?? We seem to have gone straight from winter to August.  If anyone sees Spring hiding somewhere, please return it to the Lost & Found immediately, ideally before I wilt.

David Whiting

Floris PTA President


Auditors needed!!

We need two more folks to assist Laura Lacalle on this year’s audit committee.  No formal experience or training needed, but we have to produce an audit report in order to dot all our “t’s” and cross our “i’s” for the year.

This process takes place in July and doesn’t entail a huge time commitment.

Please let me know if you can help:  florispta.pres@gmail.com


Floris Students Participate in VA Science Olympiad, Division A

vasoScience Olympiad offers students the opportunity to improve their understanding in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and to work together in teams to learn new skills.  Virginia Science Olympiad (VASO) is a non-profit organization engaging and challenging students in these disciplines through team-based competitive tournaments in Virginia. Please visit http://www.virginiaso.org/ for details

The following teams placed in the top ten for their events:


Anatomy and Cytology
3rd Place: Lavanya and Shikha
4rd Place: Anika G and Aastha D
4th Place: Nate and Shinjini
8th Place: Arjun P and Arnav K
Bridge Building
1st Place: Dhruthi and Pranav
Crave the Wave
3rd Place: Nayan and Aanya B
7th Place: Nithya J and Jia
Dynamic Planet
5th Place: Smayan S and Raahi V
Green Generation
4th Place: Arnav M and Mihir K
8th Place: Nithya R and Abigail Cheruvathur
Picture This
5th Place: Nithya J, Nithya R and Abigail Cheruvathur
7th Place: Sreeja, Shinjini and Yashwant
States of Matter
1st Place: Medha C and Aanya B
5th Place: Lavanya and Pranav
7th Place: Aastha D and Bhuvana L
1st Place: Lavanya M and Shika R
2nd Place: Pranav S and Alec R
Straw Egg Drop
1st Place: Siddarth I and Raahi V
3rd Place: Nithya R and Yashwant
Virginia Invasive Species
2nd Place: Arnav K and Anusha K
Write it, Do it
6th Place: Sampriti M and Bhuvana Lavu
7th Place: Smayan S and Jia


Announcements from the PTA President – 5/17/2016

soar with eaglesMay 17th 2016

1.  PTA Board Election Results!  It was a close election, but the good guys squeaked out the win:

Financial Secretary — Haresh Bhatia
Recording Secretary — Kathy Webb
Communications Secretary — Janelle Brevard
VP of School Services & Outreach — Raman Malhotra
2nd VP of Community Affairs — Sudha Mony
VP Community Affairs — Aparna Vemuru
Treasurer — Sumeet Bhalla
VP of School Affairs — Pavan Mamillapalli
President — David Whiting

Thanks for trusting us with the stewardship of the PTA, and we’ll do our very best to make you proud.

2.  Tiles — At last count, we’re up to approximately 47 trillion tiles.  Participation has been so good, in fact, that we have run OUT of tiles and have more on order.  If you were one of the folks at last night’s meeting who have paid for or requested a tile, and if you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, please send me a gentle reminder at florispta.pres@gmail.com

3.  Ice Cream Social — Friday, June 3, 6:30pm to 8pm!  It’s that time again!  All this hot and sunny weather is the PERFECT backdrop for a refreshing ice cream!  Will you please plan to join us for this Floris tradition?  Remember that children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or else Aparna will yell at both you AND me.  Also, we need a few ice-cream technicians who can help with scooping and sprinkles-allocation — please click the signup-genius link to volunteer:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0549aaab28a20-annual1

4.  Reflections and PTA Math Enrichment — We’d like to congratulate all of the children who participated in and placed in the various competitions recognized at Monday’s membership meeting.  There are too many names to list (it would be about 100 names), but all of you have represented our school with the highest distinction.  Special congratulations to the PTA Math Enrichment students who placed first, nationally.

That’s correct.  FIRST.  Nationally.  Amazing results from talented students taught by talented Floris staff in the first year of this program at Floris.

I’d also like to recognize the chairs of these events — Nilay Gandhi, chair of the PTA Reflections Program, and both Sree Ratna & Yusuf Ghantiwala, who chaired the PTA Math Enrichment Program.  Thanks, gentlemen, and job masterfully-done.

5.  Box Tops and Tysons’ Labels i.e. Easy Fundraising So I Don’t Have to Come After You So Hard In The Fall…

Turn in your Box Tops and labels and your class could win a popsicle party! The class that turns in the most Box Tops for Education and Tyson’s A+ labels by May 23rd will win a popsicle party. Eligible Box Tops products can be found at http://www.boxtops4education.com/earn/participating-products. We are also now participating in Tyson’s Project A+ Labels program. You can find a list of products with these labels at http://projectaplus.tyson.com/Products.aspx. These will also count towards the Spring labels contest. These Tyson’s labels are worth $.24 each to Floris, so this is another great program for us to participate in!


6.  Good luck to all the students on their SOLs! 


Announcements from the PTA President – 5/10/2016

soar with eaglesMay 10, 2016

Hi everyone!  We’ve got a few announcements for you this week:

1.  PTA Math Enrichment Ceremony — On Monday 5/16 at 7pm, we’ll be recognizing the teachers and participants from our very successful launch of the PTA Math Enrichment Program this year.  Please note that we’ll be offering a FREE pizza party and FREE childcare — let us know if you’d like pizza (so we can order an appropriate amount) — the Google signup link is https://goo.gl/51CY8t

If your child was enrolled, please consider attending the ceremony at our monthly PTA Membership Meeting, which will also include…

2.  2015-16 Reflections Ceremony — Again, on Monday 5/16 at 7pm, and again at the PTA Membership Meeting, we’ll be recognizing our participants from this year’s reflections program.  If your child participated, please come and let us celebrate their creative work!  If your child didn’t participate, please come and support their friends!  Please note that we’ll be offering a FREE pizza party and FREE childcare — let us know if you’d like pizza (so we can order the appropriate amount) — the google signup link is https://goo.gl/51CY8t

3.  Elections for the 2016-17 PTA Executive Board — do you want my job?  No, seriously?  If you want it, it’s yours :)

Ok I’m just kidding.  Sort of…

But in addition to recognizing the hard work of our young Eagles, we’ll be installing a PTA Executive Board for the upcoming school year.  The nominating committee will be re-announcing their recommendations, and we WILL BE TAKING NOMINATIONS FROM THE FLOOR if anyone has a burning desire to be involved.

But I’d ask that you consider attending, showing your support (for the school, if not for the specific candidates), and voicing your opinions by voting.  This is important, folks.  The PTA accomplishes a tremendous amount of good for the school.

Did I mention FREE pizza and FREE childcare?  Here’s the google signup link if you’re attending — https://goo.gl/51CY8t


4.  LAST CHANCE TO PAINT TILES!!!  Ok so I have about 70 of these painted, which means I’m about 50 short.  HOWEVER, I’ve now offered 6 painting sessions and if I don’t close this out soon, we’ll have to exercise PTA presidential-succession rules because my wife will start throwing tiles at me, and she has a remarkably good throwing-arm.

Here are the remaining dates:

Tuesday 5/10, 6-9pm at my house, 12810 Monroe Manor Drive, Herndon VA.
Friday 5/13, 5:30-9pm at my house, 12810 Monroe Manor Drive, Herndon VA.


Monday 5/16 will be the 9th session I’ve offered for tile painting, so if you haven’t come see me by then, I’m going to assume you’re donating your tile for general school use (6th grade art project, maybe?)

5.  Tyson’s food labels and Box Tops — have you been saving these?  If not, you should start.  Send them in to the school and I’m told that classrooms with the best participation get free stuff.

6.  SCHOOL SUPPLIES — Now that I’m 29 years old, I’ve learned some things.  And one of these things is that when Brandy Stowe says it’s time to buy school supplies, then it’s time to buy school supplies.  Here’s the info straight from the top:
You have the option of ordering your child’s school supplies online.

Please click the following link www.educationalproducts.com/shoppacks  This will take you to our vendor’s website (EPI – Educational Products, Inc.), where you will be prompted to enter our school ID (the ID for Floris is FLO095 – 3 letters and 3 numbers).

Next, follow all directions to complete your order.  You will receive a confirmation email after your order has been completed.  In that email will be a confirmation number.  The confirmation number acts as your receipt.  If you don’t receive a confirmation number, your order wasn’t processed.

The school supply list for each grade will be posted on the Floris Elementary website if you wish to purchase supplies on your own.

If you should have any questions, please email Brandy Stowe – msrhoad@htomail.com

David Whiting
Floris PTA President

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