Announcements from the PTA President 04.24.2017

Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy mid-to-late April, everyone!

Couple of quick-ish announcements for this week, all delivered with the usual ratio of sentence-fragments, courtesy of yours truly!

1.  STEAM night!  Tuesday April 25th6pmYou guys are familiar with the STEAM lab, right?  The huge project from last year, the tile fundraiser, the collaboration with the school to design and build the lab?  Welp, it’s time to come check the results of that hard work.  Bring the kids and let THEM explore and teach YOU how they use this innovative space!

2.  PTA Meeting for the same night?  CANCELLED.  Let’s use this night to celebrate the STEAM lab and, I THINK, the book fair is running at the same time in the library.  I realize we may all have to short-sell our Vocelli’s pizza stock as a result of this cancellation, but you’ve got lots of warning to make any necessary trades.

3.  Teacher thank-you cards.  My entire den is COVERED with these things, and I’ll be pulling glitter out of my beard for decades.  DECADES!!!  The due date was 4/1/17, which of course means I’ll be collecting them through the end of this week :)  Please send them in to my mailbox in the school office, via your child or her/his classroom teacher.

4.  $$ for specialists.  Likewise as per #3 above, in all respects (sans glitter).

5.  Might your child be interested in individualized art lessons as a private, after-school activity?  One of my favorite Floris parents has expressed an interest in offering private art lessons/enrichment on an individual or small-group basis as an after-school and probably summer activity.  I’ve heard about some spectacular project ideas for elementary-school children of any grade.  If you’re interested in more information, please contact me directly and I’ll do my best to facilitate.  florispta.pres@gmail.com

6.  Last but not least — Elections for the PTA board will be happening at the May PTA meeting.  If you’d like to throw your name in the hat, please contact the lovely Ms. Kathy Webb at florispta.recsec@gmail.com .  Kathy’s heading up the nominating committee and is working hard to make sure your next PTA president will have better grammar than that tall guy who’s been nothing but trouble for the last two years!  All comers are welcome, all ideas are welcome — make yourselves heard!

David Whiting

PTA President


Don’t Miss Tuesday’s STEAM Night

Floris will host a STEAM Night on Tuesday, April 25 from 6-7:30 pm

Come explore engineering activities, robots, strategy games, coding, and 3D modeling! In addition, Thomas Jefferson’s xBOT Club will share how they designed and built their robots from the ground up.

The Floris STEAM Lab provides our students the opportunity to access a variety of engineering activities and technology.


Teacher Appreciation Week Starts in One Week

Let’s get ready to show our teachers how much we appreciate them

May 1-5

Please check in with your child’s Room Parent for more details.

Volunteers will be needed!


Teacher Appreciation Week Is Coming Soon

Mark Your Calendars

Teacher Appreciation Week Is

May 1 – May 5



Helping Hands Needed Thursday

Helping Hands will meet next Thursday, April 20 in the Green Work Room (just down from Mrs. Hussey’s Art Room)

Come by between 9am to 1pm and join other Floris parents in helping out with teacher projects like copying educational materials,  creating booklets and laminating.

Any amount of time is appreciated – even a 30 minute lunch break!


Summer Camp Opportunity for Floris Families

Overtime Athletics is offering Floris families $50 OFF any week for Summer Camps.

Families can use the Discount Code:  OTAFamily to receive $50 OFF per week.

A list of camps can be found here:  www.otathletics.com


Announcements from the PTA President 04.02.2017

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hi everyone!  I wanted to share:

1.  Art Night this Thursday — http://florispta.org/2017/03/26/have-you-heard-about-tech-art/

Pre-registration is necessary (we have to order supplies) AND WE’LL NEED SOME PARENT-VOLUNTEERS!  If you’d like to come help out, please let me know.  florispta.pres@gmail.com

2.  Teacher Thank-You Notes:   Remember, the task is to create thank-you notes on a sheet of paper which is then sent in to room parents or to me (via your classroom teachers).  More info can be had here:  http://florispta.org/2017/03/26/dont-forget-teacher-appreciation-week-cards-are-due/ If you haven’t already, please submit your cards to your room parents.

PLEASE NOTE, that this isn’t intended to be a competitive event!  Instead I’m aiming for authentic — so if the kids wish to draw something fancy?  Great.  If they want to write a couple of lines about why their teachers make them smile every day?  Fantastic.  If they want put stickers on a paper and write their names?  Suits me.  Whatever works for your family is perfectly acceptable.

3.  $$ for specials teachers! — We’re collecting $1 per child for teacher-appreciation-week gifts for specialists at Floris (PE, art, music, guidance, reading, SpEd, reading, etc).  You can send in your $1 to your room parent or to me via your classroom teacher.  Please consider contributing — I absolutely understand the feeling of “thanks david.. one more thing to remember.. sheesh.”  but these gifts go a long way towards making our faculty feel appreciated, which is both important AND benefits us all.

Thanks for reading thus far, and I hope to see you all at Art Night!

David Whiting

PTA President


Art Enrichment Night Is This Thursday

April 6 from 6 – 8:30 pm in the Cafeteria

Cost is $15 per participating child. Siblings are welcome. Parents are welcome to assist their children, or pay and participate on your own!

There will be food for sale on-site.

This is an Advance Sales Only Event There will be no admission at the door.

Register here!


Get Ready for Teacher Appreciation Week May 1 – 5

See Your Room Parent for More Details On Your Class Activities!


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