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Friends of Floris. Happy friday. Show your amazing resilience..

Get your quarantine spirit wear by May 30.



PTA General Body Meeting. Please help your PTA

We are back !!! Boy what 2 months have we seen and been part of.
Kudos to our kids for the adaptability and flexibility they have shown. Nothing less than being their own heroes giving up on playdates, school, activities and adapting to the new normal.
As the end of the month swings around, many of you are preparing for the long Weekend just more Netflixing, cooking & cleaning.
Teachers Appreciation Week was last week! The Room Parents in collaboration with the PTA ensured everyone was appreciated. Thank you to everyone for your support!Please note that there will be a virtual General Body Meeting held May 27th 6:30 pm est. We will be electing new board members. Your vote matters & counts, and we encourage you to please join us. We will send out virtual meeting information at a later date.

The PTA is also looking for volunteers, please contact or visit to find out ways to volunteer – you can take on a chair position or join the board. On the board, we are looking to fill Financial Secretary and VP Fundraising. Please consider joining. 
Thanks to all volunteer, board members and school staff. We appreciate you and are grateful.

For May 27th General Body Meeting @ 6:30 PM EST.

Please join the zoom link below using your full name as per PTA membership to get admitted to the zoom. click on the link to be connected few mins before the meeting. We will be electing new board members. Your vote matters & counts, and we encourage you to please join us. Please ensure you are a PTA member to be eligible to cast your vote

Please stay safe and stay well.



Chuck-E-Cheese PTA Fundraiser

Chuck E. Cheese Fundraiser

Friday, March 6:  Get out of the house and see the mouse!

What kid doesn’t love pizza?  What parent doesn’t love a night where their kids can’t complain about dinner?  

Floris PTA Fundraiser at Chuck E. Cheese is a win, win!!!  Join Floris families and staff on Friday, March 6th anytime between 3-9 pm to eat pizza, play games, and catch up with new and old friends.  Up to 20% of sales during that time will go to Floris PTA to support awesome activities and events for our Floris kids.


Girls on the Run is back!!!!!

We believe that ALL GIRLS are born with power and purpose.

Using a fun, research-based curriculum that creatively integrates running, we inspire every girl to reach her limitless potential, not just for the length of our program, but for life. -from the GOTR website

Head over to the Girls on the Run website and register for the Floris site!  Registration closes February 25th!



Winter 2020 Enrichment!!!!

Registration Is Now Open!!!

Signup today HERE!


Floris Science Fair 2020

Floris PTA presents

Science Fair 2020..!

Registration Open starting January 7, 2020..! click here

Open to all students
(Grade K-6)
February 27, 2020
6:15 PM – 8:00 PM
snow date: March 5, 2020


Walk In My Shoes 2019

Walk In My Shoes – December 3rd & 4th

Walk In My Shoes is an interactive program for 3rd – 5th grade students, which fosters an environment where differences are respected by providing students with the opportunity to see the world from the viewpoints of others. The goal is for every child to feel welcome, safe and included in the Floris community. Read more about it on our website and please sign up here if you are interested in helping out. Thanks!

We welcome anyone who loves working with kids and wants to help make this world a more understanding place


Reflections – 2019

Do you enjoy art, music, dance or have an interest in writing, producing films, and taking photos? Then join us and have fun unleashing your inner artist with PTA Reflections! This year’s theme, “Look Within,”. Check out the form below. Last day for submission Oct 30, 2019

Reflections PTA Program, 2019-20, Student Packet and Entry Form


Odyssey of the Mind 2019/20!

What:  Odyssey of the Mind, an International Creativity Competition. (

Who:  Teams of 5-7 students (facilitated by teacher or parent coaches) decide upon a challenge problem to develop a long-term solution.  Some problems are theatrical, some are technical and some are both! Teams write their own plays, create their own scenery and props, and address the challenge as creatively as possible given a limited budget! On competition day, teams present their solution and also solve a spontaneous challenge. To check out amazing past-year performances, go to YouTube and search for Odyssey of the Mind World Finals! Check out this year’s problems at or click on Synopses.

When / Where:  Teams will meet at a time, day, and location that works for the team members. Generally, teams meet weekly in the beginning and perhaps twice a week as the regional competition approaches on 14th March, 2020 at Manassas Park HS.  Teams winning at regional competitions advance to the State tournament in April and possibly to the World Finals in May. 

Results: OOTM has been active in Floris ES for past few years with good results, we had 2 first place teams (i.e. won regionals) that went on to be placed 4th/8th in State finals. Simply put kids have fun, develop skills, work as a team and compete with other teams.

Video Intro:

Initial Registration October 30th through November 6th at
Team Formation (by PTA) November 7th 
Coaches Training ( November 9th   
Tournament Date March 14th 2020

For more information, contact Floris OOTM via

2019-2020 Problem Summaries

Problem 1: Longshot Solution

Divisions I, II & III

A group of “Longshots” believe a disastrous event that threatens the world is about to occur and must stop it. Because no one takes them seriously, it is up to the Longshots to solve the problem. To succeed they must send materials from all corners of the world using vehicles that overcome obstacles and travel simultaneously into and out of a Reaction Area. As time counts down the Longshots will use the components, including baking soda, to create a reaction that produces a very special effect and saves the day!


Problem 2: Net Working

Divisions I, II, III & IV

Computers, satellites, and servers work continuously to allow people from all over the world to network with each other. These networks give us access to information including communications, messages, and videos. In this problem, the networked devices are characters who work to keep the world connected. During the performance, an image, a text message, an email and other information will be transmitted between locations in a team-made system. Pop-up advertisements appear and a malware character will infect the network and take it offline. An anti-virus hero comes to the rescue and team-made instruments will be used to present an original song that explains their jobs.


Problem 3: Classics… The Effective Detective

Divisions I, II, III & IV

You will be introduced to one of the greatest detectives the world has ever known as they follow clues to uncover the truth behind some of history’s real-world mysteries. The detective will investigate different types of information, including a clue that is a “red herring” i.e. a distraction, and do intellectual battle with a supervillain who wants the detective to fail. Sounds will ring out and settings will creatively change to set the scene and highlight the action. The team will also be challenged to use the smallest space possible to store its solution.


Problem 4: Balsa Limbo 

Divisions I, II, III & IV

Teams will build balsa wood structures that are created by adjusting its interconnected parts. When the parts are not in the final form for weight testing, they must be able to pass under a limbo bar. Higher score will be awarded for how low the bar is when the structure passes under it. However, the bar is not allowed to be lower than ½”! The limbo bar test and maneuvering the structure for testing will take place during the performance time. Testing of the structure will take place during a performance with a theme about dancing and movement.


Problem 5: Gibberish or Not 

Divisions I, II, III & IV

Genius or not so smart, statements change from Gibberish at the start. Do the thoughts shine or miss the mark? Masses think they’re being led out of the dark. A Champion arranges meetings with those in power, and gibberish ideas bloom like a flower. The crowd replaces thoughts with wisdom, and a Child sees it is all just humdrum.  Misinterpreted over and again, twisted words fly in the end. Music blares and the celebration is wild, and misunderstanding is accepted by the child. The performance will explain why the child does not reveal the truth that what they believe is wisdom was really just gibberish.


Primary: The Fashion Bug

Grades K-2

The team’s problem is to create and present a humorous performance that includes a fashion show for insects. An up-and-coming designer will be highlighted as a narrator describes the odd and curious fashions as they are modeled. A team-created song, a commercial, and a critic who reviews the Fashion Show are all part of the performance.


All problems copyright Creative Competitions, Inc. – 201


Harvest Parade 2019

Another Awesome Celebration!!!

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