Announcements from the PTA President 03.27.2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

Hi everyone!  please pardon the email-intrusion — there won’t be too many more of these this year, but I do have a few time-sensitive words that I wanted to share:

1.  Art Night!!

Pre-registration is necessary (we have to order supplies) AND WE’LL NEED SOME PARENT-VOLUNTEERS!  If you’d like to come help out, please let me know.

2.  Teacher Thank-You Notes:  Deadline is 4/1, although really let’s call it 4/3 so we can take advantage of the weekend.  Remember, the task is to create thank-you notes on a sheet of paper which is then sent in to room parents or to me (via your classroom teachers).  More info can be had here:

PLEASE NOTE, that this isn’t intended to be a competitive event!  Instead I’m aiming for authentic — so if the kids wish to draw something fancy?  Great.  If they want to write a couple of lines about why their teachers make them smile every day?  Fantastic.  If they want put stickers on a paper and write their names?  Suits me.  Whatever works for your family is perfectly acceptable.

3.  $$ for specials teachers! — We’re collecting $1 per child for teacher-appreciation-week gifts for specialists at Floris (PE, art, music, guidance, reading, SpEd, reading, etc).  You can send in your $1 to your room parent or to me via your classroom teacher.  Please consider contributing — I absolutely understand the feeling of “thanks david.. one more thing to remember.. sheesh.”  but these gifts go a long way towards making our faculty feel appreciated, which is both important AND benefits us all.

4.  An interesting offer…  Might your child be interested in individualized art lessons as a private, after-school activity?  One of my favorite Floris parents has expressed an interest in offering private art lessons/enrichment on an individual or small-group basis as an after-school and probably summer activity.  I’ve heard about some spectacular project ideas for elementary-school children of any grade.  If you’re interested in more information, please contact me directly and I’ll do my best to facilitate.

Thanks for reading thus far, and I hope to see you all at Art Night!


David Whiting

PTA President


Have You Heard About Tech-Art?

Watch A Video To Learn More About Tech-Art

You Don’t Want to Miss Our Art Enrichment Night

Featuring Cool Tech Art Creations

Thursday, April 6 from 6 – 8:30 pm

Cost is $15 per participating child. Siblings are welcome. Parents are welcome to assist their children, or they can pay and participate on their own if they so choose!

There will be food for sale on-site.

Tickets Can Be Purchased Here





Don’t Forget Teacher Appreciation Week Cards Are Due!


Congratulations to our Odyssey of the Mind Champions!

A team of Floris 2nd and 3rd graders is heading to the Virginia State Odyssey of the Mind

Tournament on April 1!

The team, coached by Bobita Nehra and Supneet Kaur,  won 1st place in their division for the “Odyssey of the Mind” Regional Finals after being judged on creativity, dramatic presentation and an imaginative solution to the problem “To be continued: A Superhero Cliffhanger.”

They beat out 11 other elementary schools in the region. Congratulations students and coaches!



Announcements from the PTA President 03.20.2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

  1.  Are you on top of the thank-you notes for teachers?  Have you heard from your room parents on this?  Will your child have sent in her/his thank-you notes (to classroom and all specials-teachers) by the end of March?  If the answer to any of these is “no,” please ping me at .  Note – some of you have written to me regarding extenuating circumstances – that’s perfectly fine.  But for most of us, I’m hoping we can get a respectable number of notes for all of our teachers.  Please help!

  2. Art Enrichment Night!  April 6, from 6 to 8:30pm!  It’s a first for Floris, and I think it’ll be the best event we’ve had in years.  Don’t miss it! And notice, pre-registration is required! Check this link for details, and the red text takes you to the sign-up page.

  3. Are you on top of class contributions for specials teachers during teacher-appreciation week?  I’m asking for $1 per child – some room parents are handling this internally, which is fine.  Please keep an eye out for communications from them!

  4. PTA Meeting, March 21, 6pm.  We’ll have a presentation from the kids on the Green Team, a presentation from Floris Math Faculty, and no doubt a lively discussion on the pressing issues of the day.  Plus?  Free pizza and childcare.  There’s no reason to miss this!


David Whiting

PTA President


PTA Membership Meeting This Tuesday

The PTA will hold a membership meeting on Tuesday, March 21 at 6:00 pm in the Little Theatre.

There will be a presentation from the Floris math faculty AND a proposal from children on the Green Team who have an exciting opportunity in mind for the school.

Please come out!


Registration OPEN for April 6 Art Enrichment Night

 Join the PTA’s Art Enrichment Night on Thursday, April 6

6-8:30 pm in the Cafeteria

We’re bringing in local artists to lead kids through some cool tech-art projects.

What’s tech-art?  Imagine the coolest art project your kids have ever seen, only better, as we add elements of motion, lighting and other technical design.  It’s a great combination of art and STEM.

The cost is $15 per participating child. Registration will only be offered in ADVANCE.

Sign your child up here



Cards for Teacher Appreciation Week Due April 1

It’s time to show our teachers how much we appreciate them!

This year’s Teacher Appreciation Week will be May 1 – May 5!

We’re asking all parents to have your child write/create/decorate a thank-you note for their classroom teacher

as well as any specials teachers that they see during the week. See more details below.



Announcements from the PTA President 03.14.2017

Tuesday, March 13, 2017

Hi everyone!

You’re all glued to your computers, spending a snow-day wating in hopes of PTA announcements, right?  Right?!?  Well, good news!  Prepare to be… announced?

1.  Teacher Cards — Have you guys heard from your room parents, yet, about the thank-you cards we’re doing for teacher appreciation week?  If not, please check this link.

2.  Art Enrichment Night!  April 6 from 6 to 8:30pm.  Are you ready to try your hand at the coolest tech-art projects this side of the Mississippi?  Wouldn’t you just love to spend an evening at Floris, guided by the experts at the Greater Reston Arts Council, as they lead our students through projects with LED sculpture?  Inflatable sculpture?  Cut-paper animations?  And creating robots that draw?!?!  Please sign up here!

3.  Thanks to all the Dads!  The Day of 100 Dads continues to be a rampaging success.  Definitely the highlight of this PTA board’s tenure.  Thanks to all of the dads who came out to the school last Friday, and special thanks to Dave Gerstner, Sudha Mony, and all the teachers who were so instrumental in developing a schedule that made the event run so smoothly.  Well done, and.. let’s keep this tradition going, ok?

4.  PTA Meeting on March 21 @ 6pm in the Little Theater.  Presentation from the Math Team, from the Green Team, from Domino’s Pizza, and… it all immediately precedes the chorus concert at 7pm!  Free childcare will be provided so.. no excuses!

5.  Individualized after-school art instruction?  I’ve been contacted by a Floris parent who is interested in working with students individually, or in small groups, as an after-school activity.  I’ve watched the ideas percolate and.. they’re spectacular.  If you or any parents you know might be interested, please feel free to contact me via email at .  This isn’t a PTA-affiliated sort of thing — I’m just.. facilitating.  Let me know if you need more info!

Have a great week, everyone!

David Whiting


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